Shine the Light

Shine the Light is a short interview documentary featuring Toronto BIPOC artists Miss Lyn, Pulga Muchochoma, T-BAI, and Gabriel Hudson. The artists share their experiences in the contemporary dance, theatre, and music industries.

During the summer of 2020, ProArteDanza connected with artists Miss Lyn, Pulga Muchochoma, T-Bai, and Gabriel Hudson to listen to their experiences as BIPOC artists in the Toronto scene.

Shine the Light focuses on diversity and inclusion challenges in the Toronto performing arts scene. “People need to talk about it, be a little bit uncomfortable… but if we’re afraid of talking about uncomfortable stuff, we cannot fix the problem”, said Pulga Muchochoma. “I’m a big advocate for being the change you want to see in the world around us”, Miss Lyn emphasized.

Director: Sasha Ludavicius 

Videographer: Jake Ramos 

Editor: Alvin Campaña 

Interviewer: Christopher Valentini 


  • “Needed More”- T-Bai
  • “Reflecting”- T-Bai
  • “Turn Around” -KETSA

Gabriel Hudson

Photo by Jodi Thibodeau

Gabriel is a Toronto-based actor from the Bahamas. He has experience in stage, film, tv, and voice. He’s recently originated the role of Stephen Smith in “Off the Island” (Toronto Fringe Festival 2019). Gabriel also played Maxwell in the short film “A Lack of Colour”. He has received training in improv at Second City Toronto, voiceover training from Jason Define and Ashley Greco, and on-camera training with Lynne Cormack and Tony Babcock. He’s continuously honing his skills in the craft he loves.

Lyn Loudan “Miss Lyn”

Photo by Lyn Loudan

Miss Lyn is an independent black contemporary dance artist residing in Toronto. She has trained at a professional level since she was 10. Miss Lyn is a graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and Ballet Divertimento in Montreal. She has performed for Tribal Crackling Wind, Chartier Danse, and Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie. Miss Lyn is the choreographer for BlackLightMatters contemporary dance for film project.

Pulga Muchochoma

Photo by Christopher Cushman

Pulga began his career and training in Quelimane, Mozambique with Montes Namuli Dance Company. He came to Toronto with the company for the 2006 International AIDS Conference. With Montes Namuli/Shakespeare Link Canada, he performed in several shows in venues in Toronto and Mozambique and hen stayed in Toronto to study at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Hu recently finished his 11th season working with Toronto Dance Theatre under Artistic Director Christopher House. During his time with TDT he has had the pleasure of working and collaborating with many local and international choreographers. Pulga is the creator and founder of Pulga Dance.

Tyler Bailey “T-Bai”

Photo by Lincoln Woods

T-Bai is an innovative Toronto-based Rap artist known for his versatility and lyrical prowess. From his debut album “What’s Goin’ On?” in 2016, to “Why Would I Kill Myself Now?” in 2020, his sound has matured to be dynamic and unique. From political commentary to imaginative freshness, T-Bai’s creativity is at the centre of all his work. Always working on new collaborative projects, he is the embodiment of hustle and continues to build a repertoire of music that showcases his incredible artistry.

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